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This program 
is an investment in your health.


Pain is in the Brain - not in the area where you feel the pain...

Phantom Limb
-  Is a very common phenomenon in which a person, who has lost an arm or leg can still feel it as though it was still there.  They may feel pain, itching and other sensations.  They even feel that they are moving it at will.  Even though it no longer exists, they feel as if that limb is still intact and a part of their body.  

- So where exactly is this pain REALLY located?  If the limb is no longer there, where are they actually feeling the pain?  Obviously, it has to be in their brain.

Sometimes the Brain remembers the Pain, long after the injury has healed.
There are techniques that can be used to allow the brain to release that memory pattern so the pain can Stop. Techniques such as Neuromuscular Therapy or EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques







Pain Relief & Management Program               

Your first visit will be approx. 90 minutes, and will consist of:

  • assessing your current condition

  • hands-on Therapy 

  • teaching you simple but powerful changes & self-care techniques 

    A very important factor in your recovery is learning and understanding the possible causes of your current condition and what to do to keep it from happening again.  

    You will also be able to help speedup your recovery by making some simple changes and performing some easy self-care techniques at home & work.
    I will show you how to fit these self-care techniques into your lifestyle.  A minute here, a minute there and without realizing it, you've spent 30 minutes a day taking care of your body.  You will be amazed at the results.

Follow-up Visits  will be:            

- 60-90 minutes long    
- scheduled 2-15 days apart - depending on each person's condition

This program is an investment in your Health and Quality of Life.  

The work and training you will receive here is 
something that you will be able to use for life.



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