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Below is a copy of the curriculum from the massage school that I attended. ( Educating Hands School of Massage )

 This will give you an idea of the Sciences and Bodywork that we must study.

Once we graduate, we must pass the State Board Exam in order to obtain our License.

We must renew our License every two years.  
In order to do so, we are required to take several hours of Continuing Education Courses.


Sciences - 180 Hours

KP100 - Kinesiology & Palpation - 90 hrs
An in-depth study of the muscles of the human body explored through texts and visual aids as well as hands-on palpation. Attention will be focused on the integration of these muscles with joints and the dynamics of movement.Conditioning and rehabilitation exercises, as well as therapeutic approaches are also included.

AP100 - Human Anatomy & Physiology - 90 hrs
Knowledge of the anatomical structure and its physiological functioning is a basic requirement for the professional Massage Therapist. This class is a basic overview of the structure and function of the body's systems with particular emphasis on the Skeletal, Muscular, Integumentary (skin), Nervous and Circulatory systems and their predominant pathologies.


TM100 - Holistic Massage Therapy - 249.5 Hours

Educating Hands has been setting the standard in Holistic Therapeutic Massage training for more than 29 years. Our curriculum is intelligent, creative and integral from start to finish. It takes the student on a comprehensive journey of developing palpatory sensitivity, hands-on skills, self awareness and the confidence to sense, think and respond "in the moment" to the changing needs of the client. It includes foundational classes in theory and history of massage, experiential classes in effective and efficient body mechanics and exercises to discover inner strength and delicacies to gain comfort in emerging skills.

TouchAbilities® promotes the refinement of inherent human skills. These incorporate the physical skills of soft tissue manipulation as well as the skills of connecting to the body through the mind, breath, and through contact with energetic systems. TouchAbilities® represents the fundamental touch options that form the building blocks of all BodyWork modalities. This course develops your abilities to touch within a Holistic BodyWork paradigm with emphasis placed upon effective and efficient body mechanics for the therapist. Mastering the 8 components, comprised of 26 skills, will stimulate life-long learning and cultivate a BodyWorker who is an independent, intuitive critical thinker.

Using TouchAbilities® as a basis of understanding we study Swedish Massage, the most universally recognized modality. This section of our program is based on the foundational techniques of Swedish massage, taking advantage of the ease with which a full body massage can be developed using this system. The scientific principles for the indications and contraindications as well as the benefits, history and theory of Swedish Massage are all covered in this segment. An emphasis is placed upon proper therapist body mechanics, client draping and positioning.

CECs (Pathology)
Our students are further prepared to meet the needs of their future clientele and the demands of the professional environment through classes focused on commonly encountered conditions. In these classes, a connection is made between the practical application of massage techniques and the functional pathologies of the body associated with conditions such as arthritis, TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome, stress and many more.

CL100 - Student Clinic - 30hrs
We have developed a teacher supervised, community supported student clinic in order to provide our students with an experience of true clinical practice. Each student is required to participate in 30 hours of clinic during the second half of his or her training. These hours are scheduled outside of the basic class time and occur during selected evening hours and on Saturdays.

MOD100 - Allied Modalities and related subjects - 97hrs
After teaching the basic skills within the TouchAbilities® segment, we "build" many of the common modalities. We demonstrate how each pulls skills from the TouchAbilities® and combines them with their underlying philosophy and therapeutic intent to form their particular method. This approach allows the students to feel that any modality is within their reach simply by understanding their organizing principles and selection and organization of techniques involved.

The following modalities are introduced in this segment:
  • Chair Massage

  • Sports Massage

  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy

  • Supportive Touch

  • Thai Massage

  • Music & Massage

  • Overview of Energy Therapies

  •  including Tradditional Chinese Meridians based
     based on the 5- Elements Theory

  • Neuromuscular Therapy

  • Overview of Movement Therapies

  • Stretching

  • Reflexology

  • Female Focus

  • Shiatsu

In support of our holistic intent and to serve as a basis for sensitivity and intuition development, we include a significant focus of study called Inspiring Intuition as described below.

Inspiring Intuition
Students are inspired to develop their intuition through a series of experiences designed to instill a deeper awareness of themselves, others and the world around them. Underlying the obvious physical part of massage, there is an intangible, yet powerful energetic level of interaction between the client and the therapist. It is this aspect of massage, as well as the support of self-discovery and personal growth, that is explored through this series of classes.

HY100 - Theory and Practice of Hydrotherapy and Heliotherapy - 38hrs
In this course the student is introduced to the theory and practical applications of water, light and herbs. Among the many treatments included are: hot, cold, and contrast water applications, clay treatments, herbal body wraps, paraffin dips, hydrocollator use, vapor inhalations, salt glows, steam rooms, saunas, whirlpools, water massage, hot stone massage, natural first aid and other home remedies and the use of infra-red and ultraviolet light.

BUS100 - Business Development - 26.5 Hours

This class explores the personal awareness of the professional skill development necessary to give the student guidelines for developing a prosperous massage practice and the related legal requirements for Massage establishments.

Florida State Law
Students are taught the requirements of the Florida Massage Practice Act, Chapter 480 & related Florida Statutes. These are the laws governing the practice of massage in the State of Florida.

Professional Ethics
Students will explore the ethical codes of massage practice in the context of their personal and moral beliefs. We will define and differentiate ethics, moral beliefs, professionalism and the law.

HIV-AIDS - 3hrs
This is an interactive class exploring the epidemiology, virology, transmission and prevention of HIV, in both a personal and professional setting.



In addition to the above-described requirements of study, each student is expected to write and present one report related to the health field.