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             Massage for knee pain

 What Causes knee pain?

There are many causes of knee pain.  Below are a few that are easy to address with massage therapy.

 - Tight muscles in the calfs, legs, thighs, gluteals, hips when overworked can become, contracted, shortened.  This will cause them to pull on the tendons and other tissues that are part of the knee joint.  This can produce an imbalance in the knee joint creating stress, friction, misalignment and pain.   Below are some ways in which this can happen. 


- High-heel shoes - If you spend a lot of time in high heel shoes, your calf muscles will be continuously contracted and eventually shortened thereby pulling on the knee joint and creating pain


- Did you switch to high heel shoes all of a sudden.  If yes, then your calfs might begin to hurt and spasm and your knee may be affected.


- Do you sleep with the sheets tucked in under the mattress?  If you do, then your feet are stretched in the same position as if you were wearing high heel shoes and your calf muscles remain contracted and shortened throughout the night.  This can lead to knee pain and also Plantar Fasciitis which is a very painful foot condition.


 - Do you sit on top of one leg with your knee bent.  If you do, then stop doing it for a few days and see how you feel.  When you sit this way, you cut off circulation to the tissues surrounding your knee joint, plus if you other leg and thigh muscles are tight, you are sure to feel knew pain.

- Sitting for prolonged periods of time, at the office, school, in the car, airplane, at the movies, restaurants, at home computer, watching tv.  

Sitting is very stressful on the back and leg muscles.  Try to stand up every 30-60 minutes and walk around and stretch a bit.  Get the circulation going again.    

Also, if you are wearing high-heel shoes, even while sitting, you calf muscles remain in the same contracted position as when you are standing.


- Workout - did you overdo your workout.  That can lead to sore muscles & joints.

- Trigger Points - any of the above can create trigger points in muscles that produce knee pain.   click here to learn more about Trigger Points


The solution to this type of  knee pain is to Massage all these muscles, releasing and elongating the ones that are contracted and shortened, and re-energizing the ones that are weak.

I blend several techniques based on each client's condition and the cause of their knee pain.  I have NO routines.  You will always receive individualized therapy.


      At your first massage, I will be asking you questions to determine the cause of your knee pain and to determine the best approach for your massage.  I will also give you some tips to avoid or manage your knee pain.

Massage to relief your knee pain will vary depending on the reason for it and your condition at the time.  But basically, I will be targeting all the muscles that can affect the knee joint

Beginning with the calf muscles which is usually the main culprit when they are contracted and shortened.  These need to be released and lengthened.

Next are all the other muscles of the leg and thigh. All the muscles that affect the hips including the  gluteals, deep lateral rotators, Iliotibial band, Tensor fasciae latae muscle, Quadratus lumborum, muscles of the spine, particularly the sacrum and lumbar.

It is also very important to massage all around the knee joint to try to bring circulation to all the soft tissue in that area and to break up any adhesions in the fascia, tendons, ligaments, etc.  

The back of the knee is a particularly  sensitive area since the nerves of the leg pass through it and are easily accessible. For this reason the massage techniques performed in this areas must be
performed in a very skilled and conscientious manner.

The feet also affect your knee joint, so it is important to provide a thorough massage of the feet and ankles.

Note: Please disclose any existing health conditions prior to services and/or session.  Please consult with a medical professional before beginning any health regimen. 

This Website and work is not intended as a substitute for the medical recommendations of physicians 
or other health-care providers.  Rather, it is intended to offer information to help the reader/ client cooperate 



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